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6 Slice Toaster

The 6 slice toaster has gained their goodwill or reputation in the big families and also in catering environments worldwide. After every hour, this will produce shockingly 140 toasts continuously. This toaster is meant for commercial use and also there is a selector control which helps you in selecting 2 or 4 or 6 slots. This toaster has guarantee for several years and the preheat elements are quite good. The 6 slice toaster comes in a very attractive look and has dimensions of about -460mm x 210mm x 220mm with a light weight of near about 5.1kg. The parts used in these toasters are just superb because they can be easily replaceable and also repairable such that it can exists for such a long and lifetime. Most important is that by removing the concealed crumb tray with simply push, you can easily clean the whole without any interruption.

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