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Electric toaster

As the name itself suggests that electric toaster is a toaster making device which is used in making Sandwiches, English Muffins, etc. This toaster comes with twin heat plates for making delicious Sandwiches which are bigger and dipper with safety lock devices.

Electric toaster is just amazing with its removable crumb tray which helps in fast and smooth cleaning of the smaller bread particles which are left behind after roasting of bread. This toaster also support special functionality with its special defrosts; reheat along with the cancel buttons. These buttons helps in defrosting of frozen bread, bringing the cooled toasts to its temperature and cancel the toasting of bread at any time. For its beautiful appearance, these Electric toasters are made up of stainless steel. Its exterior handles are just cool to touch. They are very portable so they can easily be carried from one place to another.

These toasters also come with thermostate lights with nonstick coated surface. Its surface is coated with Teflon which helps in its cleaning with an ease.