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Green toaster

Green toaster is a perfect device for making delicious and tasty toast. These toasters are made well with stainless steel and have a beautiful lime green color.

These Green toaster comes with four slot and has different browning control with which you can easily check how dark or light you want your toast to be. In this toaster all kind of slices of bread whether it is small or large, all are accommodated and toasted with an ease. Also innovative lift and look features are made available with these toasters which help in keeping a proper look of your bread.

Special features of buttons are available in this Green toaster. If you want your cooled toast to be on temperature, a reheat button is available for this. With the help of this button you easily perform the operation without burning the bread. Other buttons include defrost and cancel buttons. With the help of defrost button, you can easily defrost your frozen bread and if you want your process to be canceled at any time, cancel button is available.

Special feature of high lift are also made available with this toaster. This helps you in proper disposal of smaller bread particles with an ease.