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Magimix Vision Toaster

The Magimix Vision toaster name itself depicts that the toaster can be used for visual monitoring. It has just answered or solved the previous problem of burnt of toasts by just implementing the first transparent toaster which is there currently available in the market. These toasts have slots that are wide and long. They are designed to accommodate large size items. These are made up of glass that lets users to keep an eye in the toaster. It is well and properly designed and has very eye catchy looks, but still the functions of this toaster is incredible which makes this unique from the rest. They have switches that includes keeping it in defrost mode, auto stop mode etc. A crumb tray is present in it that can be detached according to the convenience of the users. Due to the presence of this tray, the Magimix vision toaster can be easily cleaned with the help of a cloth.

In these types of toasters, there is no fear of burning your item as items inside can be seen from both the sides of the toaster. Settings that are pre programmed into it are reheat, Bagel, Defrost and Toast. In case, the bread slices are smaller in size, the Magimix Vision toaster provides extra lifts. To get your desired brown color, controls are provided.